5, rue Bourdaloue 75009 Paris

12 – Notre-Dame-de-Lorette

 lundi au samedi 11h30-15h

The exterior grabs your attention but it’s the healthy food that will keep you coming back (no guilt included). The restaurant itself makes you feel like you’re sitting in a tree in the middle of the jungle (in the best way possible!). Delicious buddha bowls that really inspire you to want to eat healthy, have fresh ingredients all the time and cook them in simple but great ways just like they do!

Menu (a small buddha bowl + juice of the day)

= 11€ 

I ordered the Nirvana buddha bowl which was a base of couscous filled with yummy vegetables like eggplant, peppers, olives, falafel and more! The juice was healthy and refreshing for those of you who like green juices, this will be a good one!





It’s a simple concept, simple options but great flavours and great direction they’re going in! You’ll leave here feeling healthier than before!