36 Rue Poissonnière, 75002 Paris

 8/9Bonne Nouvelle

 lundi-vendredi 11h30-14h30/18h30-22h30; weekend 12h-15h/19h-22h


I have been wanting to try poké for a very long time now! It looked like such a fun salad that wasn’t just boring lettuce and tomato but cool avocado, salmon, edamome and more. Pokawa treated me right on this super hot summer day, and now I wonder how did I go all summer without this meal?








Salmon mango poké (small)

Tuna (ahi) mango poké (small)

= 9,90€






This place is worth visiting/ordering from as the service is quick and food is great! It’s a burst of tropical flavours that work together so well. If it’s your first time having poké, it certainly won’t be your last!