Pink Mamma

Pink Mamma

20bis rue de Douai 75009 Paris

 2 – Blanche

 lundi au vendredi 11h45-14h15/19h-22h45; weekend 12h-15h15;19h-23h



I finally made my way to the famous new addition to the Big Mamma group of Italian restaurants: Pink Mamma! Some of you may have already had your newsfeeds filled with pictures of the beautiful glass ceiling on the top floor or of the amazing Italian food that rarely disappoints! For those of you who don’t know about this place, keep reading and preferably without an empty stomach (automatic torture will ensue!)



Here’s what we ordered:

Mama est sortie à Pigalle pizza (note: it says it’s hot but honestly, its just a touch of spice on the Italian sausage parts which there isn’t much of) (mozzarella, tomato, Italian sausage with spice, tzatziki sauce, radish and greens)

= 14€







Then, there was the famous truffle pasta which was rich and the perfect quantity (truffles, mascarcpone, small mushrooms). It’s a bit pricey but I guess anything with truffles tends to be.






Last, but certainly not least, the classic Italian dessert: home style tiramisu (which is starting to become a staple item for me anytime I go to a Big Mamma restaurant)

= 6,50€








P.S. – Don’t forget to check out the secret bar, No Entry, in the basement by the washrooms (hint: that may or may not be a real fridge door 😉 )






Overall, the wait in line was worth the quality of food we were served (we waited 30 minutes before opening… as it’s still very new this will probably be ongoing for some time). They’ve done a great job with the décor, each floor having it’s own particular style (also, there are 4 floors = more space!). The hype of this Italian joint is well deserved!