Motto Burger

Motto Burger

44 Rue de Ponthieu, 75008 Paris

9 – Saint-Philippe-du-Roule

 lundi au samedi 11h30-22h


Whenever it’s possible, especially during school vacation, I try my best to have lunch with boyfriend who works in the fancy 8ème (just like me) off of the Champs-Elysées. Finding places to eat around here can be tricky consider our budgets aren’t very high. But there are some places like Motto Burger that can be accesible to smaller budgets and delivers great fusion flavours of France and Japan that will make your stomach sing!





There are some great options for all types of burgers on their menu but we decided to opt for the burger of the month which is also a bit cheaper as a formule:







Overall, Motto Burger is pulling out great quality burgers with amazing unique flavours that go put the regular cheeseburger you would probably find in this area but a lot more expensive. If you’re looking for a bite to eat after some touristing on the Champs, check this spot out!