Marie Denise

Marie Denise

16 Avenue Gambetta, 75020 Paris

 2 – Père Lachaise

 mardi au vendredi 9h-18h; samedi 11h-18h; lundi 12h-18h



This weekend, I ventured into unknown territory: the 20th arrondissement of Paris. Long behold, beside what I thought was the entrance to Père Lachaise (but wasn’t!), my eyes caught sight of this adorable pretty in pink café/salon de thé (tea room) that became our blessing in disguise! Marie Denise is a cute little joint where you can drink some tea like granny and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. 






We ordered the Genmaïcha Toba (green tea that included cherry blosom, rose petals, rice graines, etc) as well as some banana cake

= 10€ (5 pour le thé et 5 pour le banana cake)






I loved the touches of pink and vintage, for me this was my soul in the form of a café! It’s a great place to stop by in the afternoon, perhaps after walking through Père Lachaise or even just a new place to meet up with friends for a catch-up session, which seemed to be the case for most people there. The feminine vibes mixed with some great tasting tea made for a cozy afternoon in the are that I would recommend for all!