Lisbon, Portugal (+ day trip to Sintra, Portugal)

Lisbon, Portugal (+ day trip to Sintra, Portugal)

My parents and I decided to go to Portugal during their visit to Europe. We also have family living there that we had been meaning to visit and were extremely kind and helpful to us during the stay in terms of showing us around.

We spent 4 days, 3 nights in Lisbon. One of these days was spent in Sintra, a town about 1 hour away from Lisbon (IT IS A MUST-SEE!) When in Lisbon, we stayed in the downtown core but also ventured out a bit.

**Tip: Since my parents were not about walking up and down steep hills, we used Uber a lot mainly because it was really cheap! The drivers were great and we never spent more than 5 euros for 3 of us to go from one point to another within the city/20 euros for us to go to the airport.

We went early April and the weather was really hot (25-30 degrees Celsius)

My family comes from an old Portuguese colony in India called Goa. Goa still has a lot of Portuguese influence and so my family and I have always been curious about what Portugal is like and how similar it is to Goa (my dad couldn’t stop saying, “This is just like Goa!”… then again he says that about a lot of places like Cuba and even parts of Paris :P) I was interested because of its proximity to the ocean (I love beaches!), the food, the cost and the beauty that I kept seeing and hearing about (thank you Pinterest, as always).


Highlights of the trip (+tips):

   The view from the top of the road where our Airbnb was.









Sunset over the city at Bellalisa Elevador



Yellow hues                                                                                                           Always a sucker for doors and pretty details.











Breakfast at a local café                                 Pretty peephole views                                   Don’t forget to look down!


A souvenir from the Alfama market


LX Factory is a hipster’s paradise. So much cool and quriky things to see!




The colours just make you stop and stare in awe.

Good views at Miradouro Portas do Sol; find the miradouros (viewpoints) around the city

Some of the Lisbon street art in Alfama




   I’m drawn to bright contrasting colours and it’s everywhere you look here. 









Some sangria and common Portuguese liquor: Ginjinha



Belém was nice for the famous pasteis de nata and intricate monuments like the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos and the Belém Tower but isn’t as great as you would expect.




  Timeout Market has SO many options, but don’t get distracted by the big food court, there are other pretty yummy looking options on the outside (but still inside) part of the market.









Time for the day trip to Sintra (couldn’t wait to see pictures come to life!)

Pena Palace! Feel free to take the train all around the grounds as it’s quite big!

 Quinta da Regaleria was nature’s playground. The Initation Well was very cool and crytpic but it’s not as big as the pictures online make it seem.








  Grabbed some yummy travesseiros before heading off towards some great viewpoints including one of my favourite parts of this trip…












Started our last day with a latté and outdoor music. Café Brasiliera is a chill spot to grab a coffee and relax with bustling surroundings.








I love going to local markets like the Feira da Ladra (always on the lookout for souvenir pocket watches which I collect, sadly couldn’t find any here 🙁 )



Obrigado Lisboa! Portugal, I’ll be back!


If you have any questions about my trip to Lisbon, please feel free to email me