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Dear World,

Paris is a beautiful city. But not an easy one to maneuver.

I know what it’s like to be a tourist. But I also know what it’s like when you finally get the groove of la vie parisienne. There’s so many things to see here besides the main attractions that are just as incredible, and I wanna make sure you get a chance to experience Paris at its best.

So I’m offering to make FREE personalized itineraries for those of you who are new to Paris AND aussi pour les Français/Françaises qui cherchent quelque chose de nouveau à faire à Paname . There is something for everyone in this city 🙂

Below are some sample itineraries that you’re welcome to use depending on how long you’re here or what your interests are.


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*Note: The Mains itinerary is a staple itinerary that should also be looked at as a base for the other itineraries (ex: if you’re here for one week, you should be able to do everything on The Mains and Just Enough itineraries)

1-2 DAYS – The Mains

  • Go on a bateau mouche (the long boats on the Seine) or take a hop on-off bus if really low on time or don’t feel like walking but you want to see all the main sights. For the bateau mouche, I suggest Vedettes de Paris which you will find at the foot of the Eiffel Tower on the river (15€ adult/7€ child). For the hop on-off bus, I suggest Big Bus (maroon/yellow bus) (30€ adult/15€ child ONLINE) but there is also this nice option to do a hop-on-off bus + bateau mouche (39€ adult/22€ child) 


  • Try to see the Eiffel Tower during the day and at night too if you can (at night, it’s magical!)


  • Notre Dame is always an impressive sight to see and also free entry


  • If you’re hungry and in the Notre Dame area, there are these cheap 15€ meals in many different restaurants on rue Saint Severin that offer an entrée, main course and dessert. They are usually typical French dishes such as boeuf bourgignon or moules marinières. This is NOT a place for quality but rather a quick taste of French food on a budget!


  • The Louvre is really a work of art of its own, till today I’m still in awe of all the details in the architecture! (you probably won’t have time to see it all, but depending on how keen you are you could just see the outside)


  • Any other meals or snacks, take advantage of the boulangeries and try out different things from just a simple baguette with some cheese from a grocery store or a “menu” that includes a sandwich/quiche, drink and dessert.


  • Don’t forget to try some macarons from either Ladurée (classic flavours, typical tourist stuff but good!) or Pierre Hermé (unique flavours, my absolute favourite and he’s considered to be the best patissier in the world!… no bias here 😉 ) (don’t be shy to get just 1-2 to try or if you’re in love, get a box of 6 or more!)


  • A stroll down the Champs-Elysées is a tourist must (feel free to sing the song, we all have!) and take in the magnificient Arc de Triomphe


  • I used to recommend going to the top of the Arc de Triomphe (12€ adult/9€ 18-26yr olds non E-U citizen/ FREE for under 18/18-26 E-U citizen*) for a great 360 view of Paris, and it really is great. But I’ve recently discovered some great and FREE options such as the rooftop of the big luxury department store Printemps as well as the rooftop of Galeries Lafayette (same area, pretty much neighbours).

*Citizen = holder of an EU passport or if you have a long term visa such as a 1 year student visa, work/holiday visa, etc. This under 26 non E-U free perk exists for MANY monuments, museums and sights so PROFITEZ!

3-5 DAYS – Just Enough

  • With more time, I would suggest walking as much as you can but feel free to take the métro too! (get a Paris Visite ticket or if you’re under 26 and visiting on a weekend, the ticket Jeune)


  • You could probably spend about half a day at the Louvre if you’re interested in museums. It’s a definite must-see not just for the artefacts but the museum itself used to be a palace so it has a beautiful interior!


  • My FAVOURITE (and I don’t usually have favourites in life, but for this I do) area/quartier in Paris is the Marais. It is the Jewish/Gay/Awesome neighborhood in Paris that’s expensive to live in but amazing to just walk through. It’s those typical get-lost-in Parisian streets that people talk about and there’s lots of cute little stores, restaurants and cafés to discover. Also, my favourite place in all of Paris (tied with the Eiffel Tower, of course) is in the Marais and it’s called Place des Vosges. It’s a beautiful park in the middle of a square surrounded by apartments including Victor Hugo’s old pad. You can chill in the park with a picnic lunch, enjoying the sounds of the fountains and probably classical music playing in the background. It’s perfection for me <3


  • Eat some brunch at least once! I have some options listed for you 🙂


  • When you finish with Notre Dame, go ahead and stroll along the islands (yes, Notre Dame is on an island called Cité and there is another beside it called Île St.Louis) where you can find simple but classic Parisian architecture, cute streets and if it’s summer time (or really anytime) stop by Berthillon for the BEST ice cream in Paris. 


  • The Quartier Latin is where you’ll find places like La Sorbonne, Le Panthéon and le Jardin de Luxembourg which are also great examples of beautiful old monuments and a huge jardin (park) to relax in.


  • You can add Sacré Coeur to your list now that you have more time. It’s a climb up but the views are great! Walk around the cute artsy Montmartre area and take in the old Paris and Moulin Rouge days.


  • One of my regular recommendations for a typical French meal that’s not expensive but has a beautiful restaurant interior is Bouillon Chartier. Even if you have to wait, it won’t be too long since it’s a big place and they’re fast! But it’s got all the classic meals you’re dying to try and at great prices. Taste away!


  • If you’ve never seen a castle before and you manage to finish everything in 3-4 days, then Versailles is a must! It will blow you away from the glamourous castle to the never-ending jardins/grounds. You will most likely have to wait in a line (in the spring/summer, it will be LONG like 2 hours minimum) so bring some food, water and entertainment!

7+ DAYS – Flâne Away

  • Take your time with the sights and explore the arrondissements a little bit of each of the 20 if you can!


  • Spend a whole day/at least an afternoon in a park with a picnic lunch (including wine), maybe some music, a blanket to nap on and a book/magazine to read, whether it’s Place des Vosges, Jardin du Luxembourg or maybe another parc like Parc Buttes-Chaumont, Jardin des Tuileries or Parc Monceau. This is la vraie vie parisienne (when we’re not working and stuff…)


  • Brunch at least twice? 


  • Check out some of the other many museums in Paris especially the ones that align with your interests.


  • For art lovers cheeck out Musée d’Orsay (another fav of mine!) for Impressionism, Centre Pompidou for modern art and/or Musée Rodin for sculptures. For history buffs, check out Les Catacombes de Paris for skulls underground, Musée Carnavlet for the history of Paris and/or Les Invalides for war history.


  • Maybe another castle or a day trip to Normandy/Mont St-Michel or Giverny for Monet’s gardens


  • For the kids (and kids at heart), Disneyland!


  • Check out some of my recommendations for places to eat if you’re looking for different types of cuisine


  • Walk around, get lost and discover 🙂

WEEKEND IN PARIS – The Local’s Way

  • Brunch at Biglove Caffè, Holybelly, Benedict or La Candelaria


  • Stroll around the Marais and hope in and out of cafés such as Ob-La-Di, Oni coffee shop, Republic of Coffee, Lily of the Valley and others!


  • Shop along rue Rivoli or near Republique


  • Find a bar for happy hour!


  • Drink some wine, eat some cheese or maybe try some poutine at the Moose (my Canadian suggestion)


  • Sing/Dance in Oberkampf, Irish pub at the top of Sacré Coeur or one of the péniches/bateaux by the Seine


  • End the night with some schwarma or a burger