Judy, cantine qualitarienne

Judy, cantine qualitarienne


18 Rue de Fleurus, 75006 Paris

12 – Rennes/ 4 – Saint-Placide

 lundi au vendredi 08h30-18h30; weekend 09h-19h


From the moment I saw this café covered in greens of all kind, I knew I would be at ease here!

Cantine qualitarienne… en fin, c’est quoi?






Here’s their explanation but overall, qualitarians are concerned with the “quality” of the food and the treatment of the animals/products themselves (ex: grass-fed animals, organic, etc).







At first, I wasn’t sure what to think… but honestly this place blew me away from the moment I took a bite of that mango/coconut cheesecake! Even the “golden milk” drink  was something new that I would never normally try!

Golden milk (tumeric, honey, coconut milk)

= 6€

Mango/coconut cheesecake

= 8€






In a world like ours that’s filled with fast food this and processed that, it’s nice to know that some places like this exist. Judy challenges what we’re used to and shows us what is possible and quite frankly, what is really darn delicious! (yes still not over that cheesecake, as you can tell)