14 rue Chabanais 75002 Paris

 7 / 14Pyramides; 3 – Quatre Septembre ou Bourse

 Tous les jours sauf mercredi de 11h30 à 22h30


If you’re in need of sushi, then this is NOT the place for you!

If you’re in need of some yummy Japanese food, then bienvenue à Hokkaido!






Katsudon (fried pork with omlette, vegetables and rice)

+  menu (which comes with miso soup and salad)

= 12,50€ ——–>

Coca (Coke) = 3€




Hokkaido was not only great, simple food

but it was also affordable!

If you want a good meal, away from tourist traps

and all-you-can-eat sushi,

then this is the spot!