106 Rue de Turenne, 75003 Paris

8 – Filles du Calvaire 

 tous les jours 08h30-17h30


Fringe was the perfect spot for a calm day of bullet journaling. It’s got the simple Swedish style on the inside. The cloud-like lights that ironically bring you back down to earth. The coffee itself is top notch! They even have guest espressos that allow you to try something new!





I ordered the iced (well-needed) bubble coffee with oatmeal milk. It was strong but in a good way, the kind of taste that makes you say, “Ahh…coffee”

= 7€





What’s also neat about this place is that it also houses some photography. So feel free to admire some really nice work while you work or sip on that espresso. It’s hidden away in a pretty known area/one of my favourite areas of Paris. I’ll be sure to stop by more frequently!