Aloha Café

Aloha Café

32 rue Pierre Fontaine 75009 Paris

 2 – Blanche

Mercredi au vendredi 9h-18h; weekend 10h-18h (dimanche 11h-17h)



From the moment I saw this Hawaiian themed café and their Instagram account, I knew I wanted to check it out! From the bright and fresh décor (not shortage of pineapples or monsteras here!) to the homey, cosy feel, this is a great place to meet with friends and catch up!





I ordered a regular latté

= 4,50€

and a slice of scrumptious carrot cake

= 3€






Overall, I really loved the interior! It’s a great splash from the tropics that makes you get away from the usual gloomy days in Paris. I know they do some great pastries (such as adorable pineapple cookies) but there weren’t any cute things like that when I was there. So I guess this means I’ll have to go back and check again!