About Me…

My name is Kristen Pereira. I’m a 24 year old Canadian (anglophone) currently working in Paris at a bilingual school as a Kindergarten/Maternelle teacher. 

Oui! Ça veut dire que je suis bilingue… et que mon contenu aura les moments de franglais (français + anglais = franglais)  🙂

This isn’t my first time in Paris. I came here on exchange in 2014 for a year, LOVED it, finished up school and came right back! I fell in love with this city through the pictures and touristy wonders that keeps it as the #1 visited city in the world. But what really gave me le coup de foudre was when I started living and exploring all the city had to offer outside la Tour Eiffel (which is still my favourite thing). I delved into café culture, trying out new restaurants, sipping different drinks in hipsterish bars and much more!





About The List…

As my adventures continued, I decided to track it all down and add the places I wanted to visit on to a list on my phone. I have lists for everything… groceries, books, ideas… without them I wouldn’t function.

And so began The List!

It started with tourist attractions and museums mais maintenant c’est plutôt une concentration sur les restaurants, cafés, bars et les lieux atypiques et intéressants. It became my go-to anytime friends and I were trying to find places to meet up. I referred to it out loud as, “The List” ce qui explique le nom du blog.

The List continues to grow every day with the help of Instagrammers, social media and word of mouth. It’s something I’ve been working on for 2 years now et c’est quelque chose de très spéciale et personnelle pour moi. But I decided it was time to share my findings with those curious Parisiens/Parisiennes like myself, looking for new and amazing places in this vast beautiful city.



About lavieparisienne…

So for those of you visiting the city, I’ve created several itineraries you can follow during your stay.

I’m no born-and-raised Parisienne, but having lived here for almost two years now, I’ve learned and gone through a lot. Paris is a great city for it’s architecture, culture and vibes but it isn’t easy to get here and certainly isn’t a piece of cake to live here (par exemple, l’administration française…..). In addition to my itineraries, I’ll also be adding in posts that give newcomers to Parisian life some tips about important things such as finding an apartment, visas, common courtesies and more.

I’ve also created a Culture section to talk about random events and interesting cultural aspects involved in #lavieparisienne.



About kp.wanderlust…

As my personal Instagram handle states, wanderlust is my current state of being. I LOVE travelling and seeing the world, discovering new places, peoples and ways of living (oh and of course… FOOD).

In this section, I’ll talk about my little escapes from Paris where I back my packs and explore a new place que ça soit en France ou en Europe. You’ll get a chance to see some pictures, tips and my thoughts on the place in the hopes of inspiring you to add that to your travel list too!