5 pailles

5 pailles


79 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis 75010 Paris

 4 – Chateau d’Eau

 lundi au vendredi 9h-19h; samedi au dimanche 10h-19h


A small café hidden away in the nook of street. The blue tones of the vespa, the chairs and signage may appeal to you as they did to me! I know that this area may not scream, “Amazing cafés here!” but I can assure you, there’s more to this café than meets the eye! (psst… there’s more room in the back, it isn’t just that bar table in the front!)




I ordered a classic but yummy latté

= 4,50€







The jungle motif seems to be a thing and I quite enjoy it! The simple style with the floating light bulbs but comfy inviting surroundings from cushions to friendly staff. This café is a great place to work as well as meet up with people and enjoy the quiet intimacy.